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How to Upload Photos from Your PC to Instagram

Nowadays there are more and more places on Internet when you can download your photos to only from your smartphone or your tablet. They were designed with mobile in mind. The idea is that you take pictures on your phone and post them as you go. One of those places is Instagram.

You may not have a smartphone but even if you have it, for some reasons you still could prefer uploading photos from your PC rather than from your phone. While uploading snapshots from your phone is a great idea for sharing them with your family and friends, it may not necessarily be so good if you are running a business and want to have more control over your pictures quality. On large screen you definitely can see and edit your Photos much better than on your phone. And frankly in most cases you get the best pictures from your digital camera, and they usually are on your computer disc.

Fortunately, there are at least few ways to upload pictures from your PC to Instagram (and other places that typically require using phones).

  1. Email pictures to yourself
  2. Then you can open them on your phone and upload to Instagram.

  3. Use Google Photos
  4. Save picture to Google Photos. After doing that you can access them from your phone.

  5. Use BlueStacks
  6. BlueStacks is a free program that emulates Android (the mobile operating system commonly installed on smartphones and tablets) making it possible to use your desktop as if it was your phone. To install BlueStacks you need to have a Google account because you will be asked to login to get access to App Store. If you don’t a Google account, you have create it. You can read how to download BlueStacks and use it with your Instagram here.

  7. Use Gramblr
  8. Grambir is a free desktop application for Windows (Mac version is also available) that allows you to upload photos to your Instagram account right from your desktop computer, with the possibility of adding comments and tags. Read more about how Gramblr works and how to download it here.

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